Manitowoc Buzz 03-18-2015 Manitowoc Calendar of Events Manitowoc Calendar, Manitowoc County Event Calendar, Manitowoc Calendar of Events

Our guest this week is Matt Hohner of the Two Rivers Main Street Program

01:22 Two Rivers Facade Grant info
04:30 $2,000 business grants
05:15 Rotary Pavilion building project
08:45 Volleyball Tournament
10:36 Rotary Annual Dinner
13:15 Two Rivers Summer Events Lineup
15:05 Brew Dash
16:00 TRBA
16:25 Farmers Market
17:30 Maple Syrup Magic
18:30 Live, Laugh, Liysa Improv
19:40 Movie at the Library
20:18 Whooo’s Quilting
23:25 Katie Reese – Artist
24:45 Garth
26:00 Clipper City Model Railroad Club
28:33 Look of the day

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